I’m in my 6th week post procedure for pacemaker implant. First week getting use to the bump under my collarbone and dressing that was on site. After 7 days removed dressing and saw the new cut and lump of my new electrical friend. The site is really sore and you’ll learn to protect it. After the 2nd week was given permission to drive, all was good except the seat belt was riding on top of surgical site. Did not feel good. After 5th week I have started to lift weights again starting out with 10lb dumbbells the site still having some adjustments (dealing with change). In a week or 2 the next achievement back to society will be to go to golf range and see what motion is allowed for the golf swing. Golfing is a passion of mine if the pacemaker doesn’t effect my golf swing we are as good as gold. Pacemaker has sustained a resting 62 beats per minute and my workout pace has been around 125. All is good as far as the pacing goes a 10 week check up and study to be performed on Feb. 10. Wishing you all out their with the new and old devices to keep on pacing and may the electrical force be with you. Have a good day.


The most important question in your post ..

by IAN MC - 2019-01-04 12:15:39

Hi CARDIAC KID    ....   I felt happy doing a normal golf swing after 8 weeks. My cardiologist is an avid golfer and that is what he recommended.

The good news ...  my swing hasn't changed

The bad news ...  it is still rubbish !

Even worse news .... my putter is still faulty !

Best of luck


Appreciate the info.

by Cardiac kid - 2019-01-04 12:23:23

Sounds like they should have hooked up the putter to the pacemaker also. Good golfing is right around the corner with some good weather. Appreciate the information looking forward to hitting the little white ball again.


by dwelch - 2019-01-06 03:31:15

My swing didnt get any better with the pacer either, equally bad as before the pacer.

I am over 30 years into this, on my fifth device, and the seat belt has been my number one problem.  Tried all kinds of things, ideally you want it off the device, esp right after the surgery.  The last time I took a folded up sock and put it above or below so that it held the belt off the device.  I have done things like use a heavy duty binder clip to keep the belt SLIGHTLY (wont save you if it is very) slack.  Last lets say 10 years just use those fuzzy fake sheepskin belt wrap pad things.  My current one is quite big and silly looking but nice and comfy over the device.  Have settled into this solution after trying clip like solutions for so many years (back in the day GM and perhaps others, had a slide on the belt that you could use to keep the belt slack, after having that vehicle and using it for  a while tried to repeat that on subsequent vehicles, eventually giving up).  I have one of the belt things that is advertised on this site.  did not work for me it needs to be bigger, it should move the pressure well above and below the device, it was actually causing more pain. 

Hmmm....just thought of this, could take one of the fuzzy belt things and cut it into two, slide one above and one below the device....hmmm....certainly right after a new device.  (I was driving a few days after implant on this last one and probably most of them, so really wanted to keep the belt off of it those first few weeks).   


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