The last few months I get a clicking sensation when I lean forward too quickly or breathe deeply. It is akin to  what I believe is a nightly self check only it is happening a few times a day.  Does anyone else feel this or know what it could be?



by Zanneblake - 2019-01-06 00:13:46


 I am 5 months post op and PM placement.

I have the clicking  or pulsing in my heart 3x a day, which is a test  being run, as well as it will sometimes happen when I change positionally.

The test gives me 4 strong beats...I dread the 530 am one bc of how strong it is . I guess bc I am not moving around. It is me new alarm clock. 

The EP said he can try to turn down something in the test but bc I am 100%PM dependent I would rather have the test (at least for now)  

Best wishes. 

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