Still not feeling well

it has been one month since my pacemaker. All is well with me medically. I have good “hours” and an occasional  good day. I am going back to school on Monday. At times I feel a bit light headed and just off. I explained this to my NP, and my blood pressure meds may have to be adjusted. I am also on 10  mgs of Paxil for anxiety. I started taking this in Nov due to really bad afib episodes. Not sure if this is the correct medication. I am seeing another NP on Tuesday to determine if my meds needs to be adjusted. Just wondering and will welcome comments. I am moving around normally, and just returned from Calif. wondering if this is not more anxiety related. 




by Terry - 2019-01-05 20:33:48

Some patients say they feel better with natural but paced ventricular activation; see <>


Transient anxiety

by Tem - 2019-01-11 00:33:31

I had very similar episodes particularly at night time + occasionally during the day. I would feel warm, nausea, light headed+ my blood pressure would sky rocket. I went to ER x3 but all was well + the episode would pass. One of the doctors suggested it may be anxiety, but as a retired psychologist I dismissed this as it often occurred when I was asleep or during times when I was not particularly anxious. As it  was interrupting my sleep I decided to take low dose Valium before sleeping. After 3 really good night sleeps the nocturnal episodes went away , + those day time episodes also diminished. Anxiety obviously does play a part. It won’t hurt you but it is very unpleasant when you feel those episodes of feeling unwell. RET or rational emotive therapy which is cognitive behavioural therapy as indicated by a previous writer is very helpful if all else fails. Good luck + we share the same journey.👍

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