Pains in legs. Nerve pain feelings.. Problem walking.

Hi All

Has anybody experienced pains in their legs... Random out of the blue attacking feelings sensations?



Leg, feet and walking problem

by Mad heart - 2019-01-05 21:05:53


YES, I have the burning of the legs and weakness as well as nerve damage in the feet and problems walking after implant. 

For the leg weakness and problems walking, I suggest finding a really good chiropractor. They have really “popped” me back into place. Getting better. I did not know how twisted my back was until I saw the x-ray from chiro.

For the nerve problems, you might want to find out what antibiotics you were given, the majority of them have the side effect of peripheral nerve damage and it shows up in the feet. Chiropractors can also help with restoring oxygen rich blood flow to the nerves to help heal if a nerve is trapped.

Hope this helps

Pains in legs. Nerve pain feelings.. Problem walking.

by Birdonawire25 - 2019-01-11 04:12:54

Hi Madheart

Thank you for your comments. I do go to a chiropractor and she has made a great deal of difference. I didn't realise the affects of the antibiotics could create a problem also..I  had a lead extraction four years ago.. One lead dislodged and was then accidentally pushed through muscles into my heart.. I had a life saving op to remove it... It was trapped for 4mths before they realised they had done it.. When I get a problem now  I worry a lot 😂... Many thanks 

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