Paperwork by Soumiya

Back in Oct 18, a young Swiss woman named Soumiya posted  a request for folks to be interviewed for her major paper required  to graduate from their equivalent of high school.

Apparently she only had about 14 take her up on the request, I am one of those volunteers.

Today she sent me a copy of her paper - all 41 pages that she had permission from the interviewees to share.  

This young woman is not a native Swiss citizen, so none of the three languages spoken in Switzerland  is her birth language.  She wrote to me in English - EXCELLENT English, as a MOF - and wrote her paper in French (my capability in French is limited to very few words - lieutenant, colonel,  alarm, introduction, etc.) .  Courtesy of Google, I was able to read a goodly portion of her paper tonight.

She did a superb job & received maximun marks for her effort .  Were I to have graded it, I would have likewise given her top marks.  Those who did not participate missed a golden opportunity to help a young woman do a superb piece of work - and maybe even get quoted!  (At least three of us did!)

Warning to the French Academy in Paris: DO NOT read her paper - you will have an apoplectic fit & wind up in horrible twitching, writhiing & spasming on the floor.  "Le Pacemaker " is now interchangable with "Le Cardiaque Stimulateur."  At least she did not refer to "Le Drugstore."



Bonjour Don

by IAN MC - 2019-01-06 09:00:09

A challenge for you .....   could you ( or Soumiya if she is reading this  ) give a very brief summary of the findings in her 41 pages . Did you read anything surprising or was the feedback that she received as diverse as we would expect it to be .... making it impossible to summarize ?

and while I am here ....HAPPY NEW YEAR !



by Tracey_E - 2019-01-06 09:10:42

Glad she got good marks!! Can you please send me a copy? 

Smmary of Soumiya's paper

by donr - 2019-01-06 10:21:52

Ian:  I was NOT surprised one bit.  Shge used a potfull of medical references; interviewed several Swiss cardios and referenced all 14 of those she interviewed.  Her paper exists only in French, so I had to rely on the Google translator for my English version.  To do all 41 pages, I'd still be at it this AM, so I picked out interesting appearing sections to translate.  Here's my impression - Depression & anxiety are the most common psychological effects.  They hit women more frequently than men.  The cardio community does NOT recognize psych effects as a problem.  BUT - based upon what is exhibited in the PMC - it is a very real problem and the professional community needs to give it more attention.

I believe she should make it available to all who are interested through the PMC.  It is THAT good a product. 


Tracey - coopy of Soumiya's paper

by donr - 2019-01-06 10:36:27

Can't do it.  I'll write & ask her permission.  She sent me a cy because I sent her voluminous notes over a couple days.  There were also folks who asked that she not release what they sent her.

See my comment to Ian.

This is a superb paper for one her age & experience & ranks up with anything we write.  It is well documented & footnoted. 

I will suggest that she submit it to PMC IN FRENCH, as it is written.  this is an internarional forum, after all.  Perhaps she would like to edit it a bit for privacy.  see what happens.



by Tracey_E - 2019-01-06 13:55:35

If it's a problem, no big deal! I was just curious as I was one of the ones she talked to. Just last night I was talking about brushing up on my French (trip planned in June) but taht's not what I had in mind lol. I was thinking more watch a French movie with English subtitles. 

Soumiya Paper

by donr - 2019-01-06 15:57:58

She wants to do it.  I willl help her get it done. 


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