Discomfort and ache

HI I am 42 years old female and am one year post PM impant after the first one was botched- lead displacement.\

ve had no issues whatsoever and I healed really well-to the point I did an epic cycling charity event in the Summer.

In Oct I started to develop discomfort around the site and noticd my scar had become keloid. I wasnt bothered about this cosmetically but the ache has really deteriorated and is getting me down I have been to my docs (3x) and the cardiologist who said I had no signs of infection and that it wil hopefully go away.. The pain only comes when IM RESTING- so sleeping is a nightmare, When i use the arm (left) there is no pian or discomfort at all. It feels like it moves from my left shoulder to my left breast right inside behind the npple area down my left arm and more recently into my neck. This gives me a stiff neck feeling and is not nice at all. Ive even paid for a physio who examined me and could not find any reflexes in my left arm at all. He gave me some exercises to do but I need to know what this problem is and if it will ever go away?! Ive had if for 3 months now- shall I go back to the cardiologist?

Im currently on amitryptilline for nerve pain which is allowing me to sleep some but still dont have any answers!!

Thanks all


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