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I’m just wondering if it is normal for the device to effect the growth of the Breasts, currently my right boob (free of device) is much bigger than the left. As I got my device at a very early age my surgeon was very kind to me and has put my device under my muscle just above my breast to keep it flat and hidden. As the device was placed when I was just reaching puberty my right boob always grew much faster and always has been bigger. I’m now 19 and I believe I have just had my last growth and the size differences is very noticeable and to be honest very embarrassing. Just want to know if the device is the reason for this or there is something else my body is doing, and weather I should see a Doctor and book a mammogram?? 



by Chapter - 2019-01-07 08:40:25

Kylahscott, I will be 65 tomorrow, my right boob has always been bigger than left.  My daughter has always complained about her right being bigger.   

When she is heavier you can’t tell but lose weight and there it is.  She is 37 years old now and will probably end up getting that fixed soon.  

Since I got my Pacer a year ago I have lost 15 pounds which has made a big difference in how I fill out my bra.  I do believe it is worse now with the Pacer there, if I lose more weight my Pacer is going to be the biggest thing on my left chest.  I don’t mean to make light of your situation, just to say that different size boobs is a very common thing, not an illness, but can be hard to deal with sometimes.  I wish you good luck in finding a way to deal with this, be It surgery, or just deciding that you are more than your boobs,

i wish you good health,



by MissFitts - 2019-01-14 08:24:08

Very interesting, Kylahscott. I was thinking about asking the same question.   My right boob does seem to be growing since I had my PM fitted in May. The left, where the device sits, if anything,  is  diminishing.  I am aware that boobs are rarely the same size,  the right  has always been larger but the difference is getting more noticeable. I am 74 though not 19 or even 65! 

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