EP wants to see me after reviewing my nuclear stress test

I posted last week about going for a nuclear study due to a 6 second episode of VT in Nov. My stress test was Thursday. Today my EP’s office called to see me within a few weeks. 

My appointment is for this Wednesday. All she could share with me was the fast beats that happened in Nov. She did share that perhaps my EP will discuss meds or changing meds with me.

I am on my 4th pacemaker over the last 28 years. Now, I am worried that they will want to change to a diffibulator. My nature is to worry!

Anyone go on meds for fast VT beats or have a pacemaker change to a diffibator?

I would appreciate any thoughts to ease my worry.


Limit Amiodarone...

by BOBTHOM - 2019-01-13 19:29:45

If they try to give you Amiodarone ask if there is any alternative.  Amiodarone is an effective anti arrythmic however has a long list of toxic side effects.  If you have to use it (as I do), use the lowest possible dose.  I'm on an every other day schedule now between 100mg and 200mg.  Good luck!

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