Forearm crutch use after PM implantation

I lost my right leg to cancer when I was 10. I'm 55 now, in good shape - aside from having been diagnosed with heart failure 2 1/2 years ago, partially thanks to heart damage from the chemo drugs back then. I'll be getting a pm or ICD soon, I use forearm crutches and my main concern is using crutches during the initial recovery. Although forearm crutches don't come up anywhere near where the pm will be implanted, several chest muscles are used when walking with them in the area where the implant is. Does anyone else use this type of crutch and what has your experience been with them and a PM?


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by donr - 2019-01-10 00:33:11

So here's one!  I've never used forearm crutches - but I have more than  a few miles using the under ther armpit type.

Properly fitted & used, the two types work about the same.   For starters, there should be NO CONTACT between the top of the crutch & the armpit.  That part is merely there for guidance, NOT weight bearing.  The weitht bearing comes from the hand on the cross bar.   Same is true on the forearm variety.  The ring around the forearm gives you the stability & guidance you need while the hand gives you the support.

The loading on the shoulder shoud be about the same with either type crutch when properly fitted & used.


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