AFib and Flutter

Hi, I had a pacemaker fitted last June to rectify an occasional heartbeat of around 29. All has been well since but pacemaker checks have revealed that I am still experiencing periods of flutter and AFIB lasting up to 20 minutes at longest. I suffer from ITP with a platelet count of around 30. One cardiologist wants to do and Ablation but will not do it unless my haematologist will give me medication to lift my platelet count to 70 and then give me anticoagulent treatment. My haematologist is not happy to raise the platelts simply to give anticoagulents. Another cardiac Consultant is offerering the "Watchman" procedure where a plug is inserted into a sack in the atrium thus preventing blood to enter an area where clotting occurs. The latter procedure requires a general anasthetic and only prevents clotting, it does not stop the AFib. I am extremely confused about my risks. Stay as I am/ Ablation/ Watchman. Anyone any thoughts?


ITP causes low platelets....

by BOBTHOM - 2019-01-09 21:03:24

I had TTP, a cousin of ITP.  It causes platelet counts to be to low.  Mine were at 15K when I was admitted to the hospital for treatment.  Normal platelet count here in the USA is 150K to 450K.  You need to be more careful of the anticoagulants as they will reduce your ability to clot even further.  There is really no medication to increase your platelets.  The therapy (here in the USA) is plasmapheris in which your blood is drawn out into a machine that seperates the red cells from everything else, they then add plasma from someone else and infuse it back into you and the hope is your body will respond by creating a larger number of healthy platelets and the destructive agents will have been removed.  

For Afib doctors like to prescribe anticoagulents as the heart can cause bubble/clots to form during afib.  So your in a tough spot.  I chose blood over heart and am suffering the consequences of that decision, but I'm still here to suffer through it as apposed to the alternative.

Also, ablation is only about 50% successful and is not reversible.  Once they burn away the tissue it's gone.   

Good luck!

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