Recovery - sub pec

Hello all! 

I got to ring in the new year and my 27th birthday with my new chicken nugget (what I call my pacemaker- not sure why), as I just had my first PM implanted sub pec on 12/17. My incision looks absolutely beautiful (like there will be almost no scar!), and I’m not as swollen as I was the first two weeks out.  As I’m in my third week, I’ve returned to work (I am a teacher), and the last two days have been a bit rough. I was just wondering how recovery has gone for the rest of y’all who have had their PM put in sub pec. It feels like towards the end of the day my chest, neck, shoulder, arm, and left side of my back are constantly aching, and at times like my arm is almost weighing down my chest. I am assuming a lot of that is from being too cautious with arm movement...I am working on that! There are also times where my chest just aches, as I know the muscle is still healing. How long does that “pain” last? I also have little zaps or jabs of pain here and there...there have been some weird feelings. Anyways, just checking in to see what recovery was like with others who have had it placed sub pec! 


Recovery sub-pec

by ar_vin - 2019-01-08 20:34:28

First, welcome to the club and good to hear you're feeling well enough to be back at work!

I had my PM placed sub-pec back around mid September 2018. My recovery seemed to go well the first 2-3 weeks but I still feel aches and twinges over three months after the implant.

But it seems like each passing week I feel better.

Hang in there and hopefully you recover rapidly but do listen to your body and slow things down as needed; it only gets better with time.

Also make sure you get as much exercise as your body will tolerate.



It just gets better

by doublehorn48 - 2019-01-09 11:49:42

My second pc was sub pec.  I had swelling at first and some pain, but that went away in a few weeks.  And then I went back to driving a furniture van across the country.  That makes any exercise you could do look like child's play.  You should have no problems.  Sometimes I wish I had kept my pm's sub pec.

Have a great day,

M. Scott

Sub Pec

by Brettmalec - 2019-01-09 15:26:04

Hello! Both of my pacemakers have been sub pec, I don't remember enough about the recovery from my first surgery because I was 7 at the time. But I just got my second pm on January 7th. the past few days recovering have been sore and I expect this for a while. I bet I'll be sore for a month or so but I think after all swelling goes down that everything will be good and normal. Right now I've just been doing some small arm movements and icing it!

I hope your recovery goes well!

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