Pain post-Pacemaker and Ibuprofen

Well, here I am back again with another question. It has been less than three weeks following my Medtronic pacemaker implantation, and I get these fleeting periodic pains in and around my heart. They are responsive to Ibuprofen; however, I don't want to be on this drug for the rest of my life. Can I expect the pain eventually to go away, or will I be stuck with it?

Also, there has been another consequence. I always had hypertension, but now that the pacemaker is here, my pulse is not only normal, but so is my blood pressure (and without meds!). 

Has anyone experienced either or both these things?




by Brettmalec - 2019-01-09 17:25:35

Hello! I think these pains will probably go away with a little more time. once the site is fully healed you'll probably be feeling much better! I'm 2 day's post op and I've been taking 400mg of ibuprofen and 1000mg Tylenol every 8 hours for pain

Pain and BP

by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-09 19:09:20

The human bocy is a wonderful thing, and though we treat it as if the parts are separate, in fact, everything is working as one.

Some people find their blood pressure goes up post pacemaker. I did. But then it was low before. Some people like you have it go down to normal. Some people it makes no difference. 

What does it all mean? Give thanks---one effect of the pacemaker for you is that everything seems to be working better.

As for having pain forever, it's not likely. People heal at different rates, but it's important to recognize that healing is still happening on the inside for some time after the wound is closed.

Even after serveral weeks there will be the occasional twinge, or discomfort, but in time you should be free of the need for analgesics. There's no reason to suppose that you will need ibuprofen for pain for the rest of your life. Indeed, after a year or so, if not sooner, many people forget they have a pacemaker unless something calls it to mind. 

Post implant healing

by Theknotguy - 2019-01-10 23:24:31

There is a lot of healing that goes on depending upon how your body reacts.  There are pacemaker implant videos on YouTube.  I've watched some of them
and cringe.  How the body can go through that and not hurt any more than it does, I'll never understand.  

Usually the initial healing goes on for about a month.  Some people report "ant bites" during that time as the nerves regenerate.  Other people have 
different sensations.  After the initial four weeks and healing of the outside wound, there is sometimes additional healing that goes on as the underlying 
tissue heals.  

At, or about nine months I went back to working in a woodshop.  There was a lot more activity and I had a lot more soreness.  It sometimes felt like my
pacemaker was inside a sack that hurt.  Then, as things healed, I'd get severe itching.  During this time, hot pads, cold pads, and tylenol were my friends.  

My overall point being, there can be additional pain and other sensations until all the underlying tissue fully heals.  

Pain it goes away!

by mirandahesed - 2019-01-30 18:39:07

Hello Joyfullss!


Yes! pain goes away, it takes some time for your muscle to heal we are all different, but it took me about 1 month , with real pain.. - but never took meds for it- and then pain stared to fade away... after a full year I have never felt anything else again. I was 40 at the time of my implant so if you are younger than me, it will go quicker!!

Don't worry too much about it and go have fun!! now you have backup ;)

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