Recovery + diving

Had a biotronic implant on New Year’s Eve for Trifascicular Block. Now day 10 feeling weak mornings, but better as day progresses. Had really awful nocturnal panic attacks whilst sleeping. Would wake with nausea, disorientation + rocketing blood pressure. Called ambulance x3 but nothing found at hospital . Was becoming afraid to sleep, so decided to knock my self out with some Valium. No problems since. As my favourite hobby is cave diving + wreck diving with regular depths to 70m I have been told my PM does not support diving. I have written to the manufacturer to obtain info on any depth ratings for my unit, + still waiting for reply.

1. Is feeling weak mornings common during recovery?

2. Have other divers any info that may help?

l have been an exercise freak all my life + find it hard to know the limits of pacemaker + timeline.

As a new member from down under would appreciate other members advice/experience. Thanks.




by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-10 14:32:34

I have no personal knowledge but this question has come up before. Use the search feature ( the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner) to find past posts on this subject.

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