Lead Extraction

I have had my pacemaker for 5 years (I'm 24). I experienced complications with my first surgery and for my second surgery I need a complete lead extraction. 

Has anyone experienced a lead extraction surgery between 5--8 years of the initial surgery? What was the recovery and surgery process like? 

Thank you! I am just nervous and would love some input from people who have been through the same thing. 


Lead Extraction

by Brettmalec - 2019-01-10 14:04:19

Hello! I had surgery on the 7th for a new pacemaker and was scheduled for complete lead extraction. (I received my first pm when I was 7). My leads lasted about 10 years. I was in surgery for about 5 hours and the doctors spent a few hours trying to extract my leads but were unable to successfully do so... But this was due to my type of leads so they just left my old ones in there and placed new ones. Overall the surgery itself isn't too bad they'll go in through your groin with a guidewire and that incision takes a few days to heal (still sore down there) They also go in through the Subclavian Vein as well. Are you getting a whole new pacemaker along with lead extraction and new leads? If that's the case recovery is painful but not too terrible. 

Overall, I'm 3 days post op and I've just been taking it easy and resting.

Lead extraction costs

by Tem - 2019-01-10 23:43:46

As an Australian I cannot believe the costs you guys have to bear in the US. I just spent 6 days in hospital had a biotonic implant 4x ambulance rides, medication, meals etc. Total cost 0. All public hospitals are covered by Medicare + free. Ambulance is free for pensioners young + old, + very cheap for insurance cover. Drugs are covered by the pharmaceutical benefits scheme.

Lead extraction

by Tem - 2019-01-10 23:52:35

Apologies I meant to place my previous comment in battery replacement. New to forum +   Still learning! 


by lj_ranch - 2019-01-13 23:40:57

I had PM planted on May 7 of 2018.  On or around day 8 after implant I begin to feel a fluttering in the middle of my chest at which time I would gasp for a deep breath and it would end. This kept up until week 7.  I went back to see EP who sent me for a chest x-ray, my leads were out!!!  So I had surgery and leads were reinserted.  On June 21, I go back for a check-up, my EP once again said I want you to have another x-ray.  I couldn't believe it...my leads were once again out!!!  My Cardiologist said in his 35 years this had never happened to anyone he had heard about and the St. JUDE rep said she had been doing this since 1986 and had never experienced this, needless to say both were astounded, I was scared.  (At this point I should point out I had been having a cough.). So on June 29, I had the 3rd surgery at which time my Dr replaced the leads.  I got through all this, and still had a cough.  My GP and Cardiologist referred me to a Pulmonologist who did a CT scan and complete bloodwork.  CT scan came back okay but as I was leaving his office my bloodwork results came in over his fax machine...I had WHOOPING COUGH!!!  So here I am 6 months later...still in shock, but so thankful that is over!

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