Third ICD implanted yesterday

Howdy All,

I had my ICD replaced yesterday, for the third time overall, and the second time down here in Myrtle Beach. They also replaced one of my leads at it was one of those recalled ones and he had enough room in the artery to add it. He cut and capped the original flaky one. Since I play golf about three times a week my EP wanted to get this done before I got any older as the risks tend to increase with age. The only downside is that I’m shutdown from golf for two months until the new lead is secure. Can’t raise my left arm over my shoulder or lift anything heavier than 10#. The whole procedure took less than an hour. With a 45 min drive, I was in the hospital a little before 11AM and back home before 6 PM. I even got a brandy new Medtronics monitor with a built in cell antenna for bedside checks and my ICD device Is supposed to be a little smaller than the previous model but I will have to wait for the final bandage to come off to confirm. This one lasted about 6 years and three months. I pace 100% but had no shock “treatments” during that time.



Kevin McGrath

Myrtle Beach, SC



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