Bettery run out so quickly

Mi niece got a pacemaker for a total block when she was born exactly 2 years ago. 

She got all the follow-up controls checks and parents were always told that everything was perfect.

Today, exactly after 2 years of the initial surgery doctors said that the battery needs to be replaced because it run out due to the use. 

Mi sister is overwhelmed by the news when she was informed at the beginning that it was going to last about 5 years. 

They live is Spain, the little girl is an active as any other 2 years old child and reached all her milestones on time and without any other heart issue.

Many thoughts?


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by Robin1 - 2019-01-12 10:37:55

Tell your sister to learn how to roll with life's punches. As a mom she will receive a lot of upsetting blows, that is part of being a hands on mom.

My first device did not last the two years that was promised, eighteen months and my device was totally dead.

Replacement was quick and easy.  I was amazed at how easy.

Granted your sister has a wild ride ahead raising a child, that is what happens when you actively parent.  My first child was an early arrival and had lots of challenges.  He is now grown with a full life.  I used the Serenity Prayer a lot to guide me through all the rough patches of life.

Battery life is a guess based on useage.  I used up my first battery really fast.  My second device, with more use is lasting several years. Your sister might find the same situation with her child's device.  Whatever happens, getting really upset does not help the child grow up into a well adjusted adult.  The desired end result of parenting.


by Shell - 2019-01-12 14:44:00

I didn't get my pacemaker untilI was an adult but my first 2 only lasted 4 yaers each (maybe) I was told they would last at least 10. It ened up one of my leads was bad so the battery was used more to compensate for it. With my 3rd (and current) I got a new lead. It's  been 4v tears now and last check it should have at least 8nyears left. I dont know if that could be a cause or not. I know in kids they're place in the abdomen so things may be different.


My Experience

by MudSkipper001 - 2019-01-14 03:31:06

I first had my PM put in when I was 3 years old. We were old it would last 10 years, and it did. I didn’t have it replaced again until I was 13, and I am now 18 and not scheduled for another replacement until I’m 26. It seems strange that they would need it replaced so soon, but different devices have different expectations when it comes to battery life and lead life. However, it is possible that the doctors were hoping your niece’s PM would be a temporary solution. 

If you’re at all worried about your niece not being as active or being left out of some things, just know that this is honestly not the case. In my experience, I couldn’t play extremely rough sports like football or hockey (which I didn’t want to play anyway) and I got out of doing sit-ups in gym class. Other kids thought it was cool that I had scars and a metal box in my stomach. It didn’t slow me down whatsoever. But, again, different circumstances and different problems. Once the doctors figure out a cause and figure out the long term solution, PM or no PM, she will continue to be a happy, smart, and active child!

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