How do Drs know which brand and model pacemaker to implant

So I have a Medtronic Advisa Dr MRI Pacemaker for my bradycardia. My question is how did I end up with that Pace maker and not a different branded one is it a choice by the surgeon?


Doctors choice...

by BOBTHOM - 2019-01-12 20:35:20

Yup, up to your doctor (EP) and team.  They usually have a preferred one that they use and a couple others they rotate through to keep up to speed.  There is alot more that goes into the decision process,such as your lifestyle as some settings may be better or easier to work with.

Some pacemakers

by Theknotguy - 2019-01-13 10:37:08

Some pacemakers are better at addressing heart problems you may have than others.  If you look over the forum you'll see that people who do bicycle riding as a form of exercise need a better rate control.  Some pacemaker brands are more responsive in that area so the EP's may prescribe that brand of pacemaker for them.  I have problems with afib and the Medtronic brand has programs that will address afib problems.  So my doctor got that brand for me.  If you just have "generic" heart problems your EP may prescribe any of three or four different brands.  

My EP rotates between Medtronic, St. Jude, and Boston Scientific and he's added Biotronic.  For "generic" heart problems they all do about the same.  The other reason is, if there is a recall on one brand, he doesn't have to replace a whole bunch at one time.  

After that, it depends upon who's giving the best deal for the EP at the time.  Kinda like going to the hardware store and picking items off the shelf.  After the pacemaker has been implanted, the doctors and techs can do tweaking of the pacemaker and make it unique to you and your heart problems.  

Some people get on the forum and ask which is the "best" pacemaker.  From the lay persons point of view it's a really hard question to answer.  That's why the EP's get paid the big bucks.  And, of course, you hope they made the best choice for you. 

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