Im a member but not the one who has the pacemaker, my girlfriend of seven years does. I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with myxomas in the heart and can rellay any good info on them since this week will be the second time in two years my girlfriend will have to have open heart surgery to remove the myxoma from her left side of her heart. She was admitted in 2016 for open heart surgery when drs found three large myxomas growing in her heart, and just yesterday they found another. Can anyone tell me how they form and why? Are there preventative measures to keep them from forming again? Has anyone had the same experiance and has anyone heard of them reapearing after surgery? Its been a long and depressing road for her and no doctor or cardiologist has any answers as to why all of this has happened to her so im reaching out to this community to help find some answers. Thank you for your time


Sorry to hear about your troubles

by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-15 15:08:27

I'm answering because no one else has. I didn't want you to feel ignored, but Pacemaker Club is probably not the most likely place for you to get support.

Most of our members are looking for support in dealing with pacemakers, ICDs, and other heart rhythm devices, regardless of the underlying reason they need the device.

I have no experience with myxoma. It sounds like a difficult problem to live with. Your girlfriend has my deepest sympathy. I hope you can find an online support group that can offer you real assistance.

I thought that was a given

by Trevon - 2019-01-15 23:58:12

Hi thank you for your response. My girlfriend had three myxomas removed and they had to cut into her firing chamber and after doing that was given a pacemaker. Shes had one for two years now and just recently doctors found another myxoma in her heart. 

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