9 months later

For 9 months i complained of pain swelling after 9 months the dr said the icd had to come out due to corrosion and thinning skin. They replaced the icd because during surgery they discovered it was defective. Now they put a different one in subpectorial and i have had no problems for 9 months until this past week. The area is swollen red mark one can feel the unit where i couldnt 3 weeks ago. When i bend over or move my body it feels like its falling. They looked at eray and appears everything is ok. Its not ok i dont feel well and no one listens. I know how this new one felt for months no problem to now it feels like its poking me and swollen. I am tired of this icd and its problems but i get even more mad when drs dont listen or care. A person knows when something isnt right why does everyone treat ya like its all in your head when you can feel the unit unlike the way it has felting before. This is a n8ghtmare


Get help now

by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-14 16:16:01

If the area is swollen and red, that's a bad sign.

Doctors are only human. Nobody likes a problem that won't go away, and if they can't figure out what is wrong, they feel like a failure. If you go in there all angry and upset, it's too easy for them to decide that you are the problem. Instead of looking deeper, it's easiest for them to decide that you are a nutcase.

I sympathize. Been there. Done that. If doctors don't know what's wrong and they won't listen to you, then no matter how many times you go back, they won't get any smarter.

What to do? Forget them. It's your life that's on the line. Go somewhere else. Do not wait. Go anywhere else. Go to the ER.  Ideally go to a major medical center where unusual cases are seen more often.Travel if you have to. 

Going to Duke saved my life.

Follow up

by Neweli - 2019-01-15 16:28:12

Ok the dr called and sais he checked my blood work and there isnt anything wrong everything came back normal. I went online and checked these blood tests and everyone came back ABNORMAL. Its highlighted and yellow with bun very high mean platletes flagged glocose flagged all levels of blood work is almost to the high range   it appears the other fricken tests were for alcohol and dtugs really ethenol or acetone tests i dont work around those things i dont drink alcohol or do drugs other than whats prescribed i swear when it says abnormal that in my world needs explaining and the answer is not" everything came back normal" 

I suggest you read your Medical Records

by steppingstones - 2019-01-16 21:47:21

Neweli, perhaps you need to order your medical records retro back to before this problem began.  It should allow you to see more of the bigger picture and you may need them to take to another doctor also.  I learned so much from those reports and it helped me to ask better questions.  The correspondence between doctors is priceless and I never knew it existed until I had a cardiac problem and the answers I was receiving didn't make sense so I had to start researching.   EVERYONE should read their medical records. You/We can't afford not too....

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