Hello all, I have a pacemaker implant Oct 19,2018. After a month and up to now I’m getting once in while some kind of palpitation or fluttering that will start from my epigastrium and travel all the way to my throat. It will last for less than a minute and feels like something is stuck in my throat.

I just wanted to know if any have experienced the same and how get rid of it.


thank you all and have a blessed day


Be still my heart :-)

by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-16 16:03:52

I bet if we took a poll of the PC membership, at least 75% would say they have experienced palpitations at one time or another. PACs, pre-atrial contractions, and PVCs, pre ventricular contractions, are usually considered benign, and even normal. People with no heart issues at all occasionally have them.

As for what you are experiencing, only you doctor can say exactly what is happening in your heart when you feel the palpitation. 

As for what to do, some people find reducing caffeine helpful. What helped me the most is magnesium supplement (not the cheap drugstore kind.) Others report that diet is important. My own palpitations are definately worse when I'm overtired.

You might be able to reduce the number, but do not imagine that you will get rid of all palpitations forever.

The main thing is not to get upset. One palpitation is not a sign that something terrible is about to happen, but getting upset often will prolong the palpitation incident. The thing to do when you feel a palpitation is take a deep breath, relax, remind yourself nothing is wrong, and that "this too will pass." 

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