Broken lead

I went in for a pacemaker integration, found out that I have a broken lead. I had my pacemaker implant 7mo ago. I am very discouraged and scared. I will meet with cardiology on Friday, I don't know what to expect. Has anyone had this to happen. what did they do for this. I have a two lead pacemaker the top lead is either broke or detached. They turned the top lead off. And emeadily  I felt better. Been in and out of Afib for the last month. I hope someone who has experience this can help me shed some light on this. Thanks in advance !


Lead Revision

by Grateful Heart - 2019-01-16 00:17:58

If the lead is damaged, they will either decide to remove the lead since it is only 7 months or they will cap it off and implant another lead along side it.  I had a lead revision after almost 2 years. 

Your EP should be doing the replacement or reattachment if possible.

I know this is scary but we just have to roll with the punches with these devices.  Try not to worry....easier said than done...I know.  You'll be ok and you will feel better once it is over.

Grateful Heart

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