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I just received my pacemaker on Monday and since my release on Tuesday I've been feeling a thump on my chest and last night I woke up trying to catch my breath. Felt like i was drowning in my sleep. This happened 3 times throughout the night. Along with feeling that way I felt really dizzy, almost like I was about to pass out. My cardiologist did tell me he paced it at a high number so I'm thinking its that. Has anyone had similar symptoms? Any tips on recovery


Pacemaker takes time to heal

by Cardiac kid - 2019-01-18 10:37:39

I had a pacemaker put in just after Thanksgiving and I am coming up on my 9th week of recovery. Reason for my pacemaker is sick sinus syndrome in other words irregular heartbeat and heart will pause up to 4 seconds. When this happens no blood flow to the brain and you start to get spaced out. The biggest problem is first of all getting use to your new heart adjuster. Over time you will get better acquainted with the device. During recovery the site was really sore took about two weeks before movement became a little easier. Sleeping was done on opposite side of site, I put a pillow on backside to stay flat or one sided. Every now and then I get a flutter going on but it only last a couple of minutes. It feels like you are losing your breath for a second or two. The cardiologist has me on a beta blocker, anti-clogging type of blood thinner due to stents (5 in all after sudden cardiac arrest) and heartbeat rate meds. All in all things are going pretty good, bought a Fitbit to monitor heart rate and when exercising heart rate will top out around 130-135 when resting heart rate is 62. The pacer is set for 60 beats per minute. I’m scheduled for my first EP study in 4 weeks to see if I need tuning up or not. It looks like the meds and pacer go hand in hand once the electrophysiologist gets all those readings he can really get your pump working more efficiently. Stay true to yourself, be strong, we are better off with the pacer than not. Have a great day you will feel better with time. If I can do it anybody can.

Initial settings

by Theknotguy - 2019-01-18 12:46:27

They keep the voltage a little higher for about the first 30 days to help the heart adjust to the pacemaker.  After about 30 days they can lower the voltage and that should make things a little better.  Some people are more sensitive than most.  

I have a Medtronic also.  I'm one of the people who are very sensitive so for the first 30 days I'd feel the tickle of the electrical impulse followed by the hard thump of the heartbeat.  It would sometimes wake me up at night.  When they lower the voltage, you won't feel a thing, don't even know it happened.   Everything goes on as normal.  Now I don't feel the pacemaker initiate a heartbeat unless something unusual is going on and I pace 80-90% of the time.  

Hope this helps.  Hope your adjustment to life with the pacemaker goes smoothly.  

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