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Hi I am in the UK.  Had my pacemaker fitted in September lasy year a medronic dual lead for bradycardia following two blackouts and my heart stopped for 3 seconds. I have felt horrid since with breathlessness easily and pain in my left breast at times. On my check up on Monday my cardiologist said all fine and pacing very little but he asked me to press my hands together in front of my chest and to press my left hand against his he then said the pacemaker went fuzzy and just said they would keep an eye on it and see me in a year - it's all very worrying. I know when it was fitted they had to refit a lead and I had a pericardial effusion (small) afterwards. I am so worried and extremely tired basically lost my fight. Anyone out there had this problem your help would be appreciated. Many thanks 



by Jerryraiber - 2019-01-21 12:38:26

I have had a problem with energy since they put this medtronic dual lead pacemaker in last July. I used to work out 5 to 6 days a week along with playing 2 to 4 hours of tennis almost everyday. Yes I am fit. Since the installation of this pacemaker I am lucky if I can work out once and week and can only play tennis every other day. Always tired. I had they turn it off and I started to feel better. Went to a new cardiologist and put me throught a bunch of tests and said I was misdiagnosed and never needed the pacemaker. Now I have to decide if I want to get it removed. Get a second opinion. I know my first cardiaologist only did a EKG and decided with no other tests I needed a pacemaker and then proceeded to scare the hell out of me. But at $48,000 a pop in the US I can understand his incentive. GREED.


by Magpie58 - 2019-01-29 05:09:27

Not sure how they can be that wrong. Surely the Doctors have standard testing to determine the need for a pacemaker.

In my instance, I was having massive Afib attacks, and was regularly passing out, with my heart pausing for 10-15 seconds(picked up on holter monitor), after stress tests and all the rest.

They decided to put in a pacemaker, which is set at 60, whereas my resting heart rate was sub 40. Didn't matter if heart was going at 40 or 180, it would pause.

On Metoprolol(rate control) 25mg twice daily, Tambacor(rhythm) 100mg twice daily and Eliquis (anti-coag)5mg twice daily. Feel exhausted most of time.

Like you, was extremely fit, running 100k/week, and regular marathons.

Haven't run much lately, and can basically walk a bit. Think the medication is the issue, as adjustments don't make a lot of difference.

Gone from having 65 afib episodes in a month, to having none with the meds, so reluctant to change them, but need more energy.

Who knows where to from here, but prepared to experiment as only 57, and hope i have a long time left.

Besides, there is always someone worse off.

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