What to expect?

I have a Medtronic 2 lead pacemaker.  It was implanted in November but the lead pulled loose and a second surgery was done in December.  Medtronic has a mobile app to monitor the pacemaker. Sounds great but the doctor office doesn’t schedule any requests to transmit data.  What is the point of the monitor if it isn’t used?  Is it just my doctor or is the common practice?  First visit with doctor is 3 months after surgery.  Saw staff for incision follow up 2 weeks past surgery.  Is this typical?  


What to expect

by WiredMomma5 - 2019-02-02 04:01:52

I'm 2 weeks post op and I have the same concerns. I only saw the Dr. at the initail visit and only glimpsed him prior to surgery. I also saw staff for my follow up. Have not seen the surgeon since. Nurse had concerns re. my incison and called another Doc in who barely looked and said everything was ok. As far as the monitor I was told that there are three nurses that monitor and they get alerted and if something is off then they will call you to come in. I am also not happy with the 3 month follow up I have with another Dr. who didn't preform the surgery.  For someone who is new to all of this it is very concerning. So i guess it's typical

Scheduled transmissions

by MBoz - 2019-02-08 09:10:02

I set up an account on Medtronic's site and I can see I have two scheduled transmissions  Our base unit transmits on its own as well  

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