Had my PM surgery 10 days ago. The intermittent pain is getting to me. Mostly during the night, or after rising. I feel the PM all the time- either pressing, shoulder pain or a burning pain at the place of the PM. How long does this last?



by Uelrindru - 2019-01-22 05:40:46

When I got my ICD installed I would ice it for ten minutes then apply heat. you ice it to reduce any swelling and then the heat is more effective. slow stretches and not fully extend whenever you start to feel pain. I used to get terrible tightening around my incision and working the muscles really helps it get like my shoulder was trying to crush my ICD.


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by Grace1 - 2019-01-23 00:49:01

You put it very well. I thought it's my clothing, but they aren't pressing. Could very well be the muscle pressing on it. I asked my cardiologist (who's also my surgeon- top one here...) to put it in deep as I am small- as it is the entire area bulges. How long did the pain/tightness last?

And how long until the bulge goes down? It's creepy.


by Uelrindru - 2019-01-24 15:27:18

I've had random days when it's bad for on two months. it was awful when I got it for two weeks and then it would randomly feel like all my shoulder muscles were cramping. the bulge never goes away completely I barely notice it now and I also had an infection after week three so I'm not usual. I see it as a reminder of how lucky I am so I'm on with the bulge. My mom got one before she passed as well so I knew a lot about them and it wasnt a bad thing in my mind to get one.

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