statistics on ICDs

How come there seems to be no statistics on al things related to heart conditions and ICD stuff? Almost every question I asked specialist and cardiologist  was answered with there are no statistics yet. With computers and new ways of compiling data, how could there not be more info on numbers on this topic?  Perhaps all medicine is like that?


Medical Statistics

by Selwyn - 2019-01-25 08:36:13

Medine is awash with statistics. 

Rubbish in: Rubbish out.

If you don't ask the right, exact question, you will not get the right, exact answer.

There are some basic questions still waiting to be answered in medicine. Medical research is on going. 

What value is the research? Well, there is no such thing as certainty in medical studies. 

Perhaps the professional standard for publication is Pubmed.

There are 29 million citations of literature.

If you have a specific question  you should state it. When last did you look at the bookshelves concerning cardiology?  I believe just counting Journals of Cardiology there are 362 published each year. I am unsure how many textbooks of cardiology there are, however any teachig hospital library and  medical university will have an extensive section. 


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