Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins

Hi All:

Couple months ago I asked the "dolphin" question.  There was quite a relay back and forth about different species of dolphins, and some of you actually gave me some good advice on whether I could or should swim with a dolphin. .  I went to the Dominican Republic in January of this year.  I kissed a dolphin.  I shook "hands/flippers" with a dolphin and I hugged a dolphin.  They said I couldn't swim with one, but I did what I thought was the next best thing.  Thanks for the advice.  By the way, the dune buggy ride through the forest was about as close as I want to get to death.  My husband found every crater he could go through, and went through it.  I just held on and hoped my leads were in tight enough.

Thanks again for your help.

Cheryl B.



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