Playing with my meds

Spent 3 days in hospital last week for pneumonia.  Didn't sleep much on that crappy hosp. bed. Upon discharge, I developed some type of inner ear thingy.  I could "hear" the air rushing past my eustachian tube openings in my windpipe.  If I bend over, issue resolves itself withi a few seconds. When I sit upright again, it returns. At least I can sleep at night.  Part 2: I got into the car few days ago - wife driving - and we headed down the street.  Suddenly, everything in my line of sight was rushing left - then right - then left and so on at 150mph. Had to close my eyes lest I hurled. A true vertigo event.  I have an ENT evaluation this Weds. I also readjusted my meds. I was on metoprolol and lisinopril for quite a while.  My typical BP numbers are 105/65  75 pulse.  I'm starting with the lowest dose of carvedilol 3.25mg and 5mg lisinopril and take it from there. Don't know if either drug had a part in my dizziness/vertigo, but we'll see.  DW tried the Epley manuevor a few times - no dizziness induced and no rolling eyes.



by Uelrindru - 2019-01-28 11:30:09

after my heart attack for about two months I could hear air rushing through those tubes every time I breathed. It was wierd but it went away,  if you're getting over pneumonia your vertigo  would he related. The inner ear is near those tubes and an infection could effect both but I have no experience with the carvendilol so I cant speak to that.

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