Adding another lead

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Hi all.

It looks like I am almost 5 years in and I will need another lead added.

Can anyone tell me what their experience was having one added to their existing installation.

Was it as invasive as the first? Recovery time? Etc.

Thanks in advance. Was hoping to not see this day for a long time. However, onward and upward 



by Karenmosher - 2019-02-03 12:58:53

Thanks Robin1. I'm at the 5 year mark now. Dont need a replacement but an additional lead, or so they are thinking. We will see.

Just wondering how things have gone fornthose who have had to have an additional.lead installed after the initial installation.

Im supposedly 8 yrs off for the pacer replacement.

fractured lead

by jessame59 - 2019-02-11 01:00:21

3 years ago I had my first battery change and 3 weeks ago I found out that my atrial lead was fractured. This past Wednesday I went in to have the fractured lead capped, my doctor opted to leave the old lead in because there is some risk in removing them due to the built up scar tissue and a new lead put in. It was suppose to be just an overnight stay which is the standard but I had a complication in that I developed a pneumothorax and had to have a chest tube put in for a couple of days. Its my understanding that this only happens in 1% -4% of people. My hospital stay ended up being 4 days. But I am home now and feeling pretty good.  I do have the same restrictions  you have when a pm inserted such as no driving for 5 days, no heavy lifting or raising your arm above your shoulder for at least 6 weeks. For the most part it is a routine procedure. Wishing you a successful outcome.

Thank you

by Karenmosher - 2019-02-11 06:32:24

That tells me a bit more.  I was surprised about the over night stay.  I was in and out the same day for the installation but had to stay locally for a check in the morning. 

Sorry about your complication but I'm glad it went well otherwise. 

same recovery

by dwelch - 2019-02-12 04:18:24

whether they are going in for a pacer or a lead its the same recovery.

My first docs rule was new leads you stay the night.  Otherwise its outpatient.  and have pretty much stuck to that, first device overnight (actually was there the night before and the night after, not typical).  second device broken lead, capped it added another, spent the night.  device number five switched from dual chamber to biventrical.  I chose to stay the night, not good communication between staff/docs and myself, some younun with a jacket and a cell phone he never looked up from said the doc said you could go home if you want.  nope I think Ill stay.  got a couple of rounds of antibiotics I wouldnt have had normally, didnt sleep anyway, so didnt matter where I was, lay down sit up lay down sit up, repeat go home...

number three and four went home same day, will see about number six.



short answer, lead or device itself the recovery is the same. your first might be worst than the rest as you dont know what to expect and how to deal with it.  but be it every 10 years or occasionally a shorter period we have these surgeries regularly and the recovery is the same.

Lead replacement

by Finn - 2019-02-18 22:33:43

I had two leads replaced last year, the old leads were taken out which made my procedure pretty invasive. The recovery was longer than my intitial time placing the pm  and leads.

it seems to me adding a lead will not be as difficult.

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