Pacemaker optimization

I've posted something like this in the recent past.................not many responded.   Who has had their pacemaker optimized and did you notice an improvement?  I'll be having mine optimized next week.  EP's nurse has stated, "It's not unusual to need a PM optimization to get the PM operating at top efficiency."



I Suspect . . .

by NiceNiecey - 2019-02-05 03:07:30

But I can't guarantee it, that what your doctor is referring to as optimization is simply adjusting your settings to what's most suitable for your lifestyle. For example Rate Response. The PM senses that your movement has increased and responds accordingly. The EP can turn on or off certain settings to "optimize" your pacemaker use, save battery life, etc. 

Hope that helped.


what do they mean by optimize?

by Tracey_E - 2019-02-05 10:20:27

My rep has optimized mine to get max battery life while keeping me feeling good, that's the only time they've used the word optimize. When I was having trouble working out, they put me on the treadmill and adjusted the settings as I ran. I've had settings tweaked for many reasons over the years. When someone has a 3rd lead I've heard of them adjusting the settings while doing an echo in order to get the ventricles in sync best. Not sure what you mean by optimizing. 


by Dave H - 2019-02-05 12:09:38

I underwent an optimization about 4 years ago with my previous PM. Scenario went like this: echo device on my chest, sonographer at his station with the echo image on the screen. Doc standing behind the sonographer watching the screen studying the actions of each ventricle. Device clinic nurse behind him waiting for his instruction(s). Doc would study the image, instruct the nurse to do this, that, or the other thing with the PM timing. (Remember - pacemakers are programmable. They only sorta come outta the box kinda ready to go - they're not "Smart" devices) As the Doc notes the changes, he makes decisions about what to do next. Docs effort was to get the most efficient timing from the PM so that each ventricle performs its best. With my previous optimization - after 15 - 20 minutes of this, both the sonographer and the Doc shouted, ALL RIGHT!  Afterward, did I note any improvement? - You betcha!


by islandgirl - 2019-02-06 16:33:43

I'm having one Monday.  I've had a couple in the past.  It makes sure the heart chambers are in sync.  Mine are not.  My EP runs the Medtronic programmer and a tech uses the echo.  They call out numbers to each other.  My last one took about an hour.  

Hope I have some improvements.


by Dave H - 2019-02-07 11:25:21

Hey, Island Girl  ---------- Good Luck!!!    I'll be having mine Tuesday!


by Dave H - 2019-02-07 15:34:02

Doc who performed my previous optimization was someone who KNEW what he was doing.  At our first meeting, wife asked him, "Are you an EP?"  He answered, "NO! But I can read an echo better than anyone your husband has been seen by!" - His specialty was "echocardiography."   His boast was no lie. Problem: He retired a few months ago. DANG!



by Dave H - 2019-02-12 16:44:58

Saw the PM group today - sonographer, Doc, and device Nurse.  On my back/side for around an hour while the sonographer did his thing. Doc and device nurse then showed up - Doc looked at the PM settings & told device nurse "Change this to that, then change the other thing to this thing, and wrap it up by redoing some other thing.  Bottom Line: Doc and sonograper claimed their actions raised my EF up 10-15%.  Doc also raised my pacing rate to 82 BPM vs. 75 BPM.  I'll be on the treadmill in an hour or so, and we'll see!   Four hours later:  Yesterday, after 1 mile on treadmill I was tuckered and sweaty.  Today: 2.5 mi. on treadmill followed by 4 miles on recumbent bike - Yeah, I was tired, but not sweaty, SOB or anything heart related!  Optimization is the way to go ------I'm surprised that so few here even ever heard of the procedure!




by Dave H - 2019-02-13 13:05:01

A suggestion: Broach the subject of optimization with your EP.  If you get a blank stare, you need a new EP!


by Dave H - 2019-02-14 22:31:00

Never heard of optimization? Know nothing about the procedure? Your EP has never spoke of optimization?  The only loser in this scenario is YOU!

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