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A question about edema. I recently took off a pair of socks That left a really deep indentation in my lower left calf. Now I know that socks leave indentations but this one freaked me out. It was super deep (thugh not painful) and lasted for a really long time. The thing is, my feet and ankles are not swollen at all and when I did the thumb test it didn't leave an indentation. But when I tried a pen cap or anything hard, it leaves a deep indentation that last a long time. The socks were not tight (at least they didn't feel that way). Not sure what to think. Anyone else have similar experience?




by Dave H - 2019-02-10 14:48:07

My closest experience to yours is this: I use the mid - range compression socks, and in early 2018, I noticed a large swelling within the compression sock. At the indentation area at the top of the sock, the edema was even worse above. No pain. I took some pics with my phone and continued with life. Within a couple weeks (I would exercise 2 hours daily - mainly treadmill and walking track) - the edemas faded away, and after awhile I deleted the phone pics. Currently, I zero in on daily weight and BP numbers - both appear to be stable. Very slight edema on the ankles using my thumb.



by Gotrhythm - 2019-02-10 16:40:26

I stopped wearing those socks.

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