Pacemaker Induced Cardiomyopathy

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by AgentX86 - 2019-02-11 11:25:23

There is a lot of information about Pacemaker Induced Cardiomyopathy on the web. The issue, as my cardiologist explained with a thought experiment, is that of an water filled balloon. Squeeze one side and the other blows out the side. Single ventricular pacing is asymmetrical. The right side contracts before the left, so the left ventricle expands abnormally in the beginning of the heartbeat. Likewise,  the right expands abnormally at the trailing end. This can cause remodeling of the ventricles and cardiomyopathy.

The fix is a biventricular,  or CRT (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy) pacemaker, which forces the ventricles to beat together in a more natural heartbeat.

From what I've read, PIC occurs in about 10% of those who are ventrically paced with a single ventricle lead.

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