I know these questions have been asked before but hubby has ICD and we are so excited to be visiting Florida in April with the grandchildren and wondered if best avoid a couple of the rides(Big Thunder Mountain and Terror Tower).?Also staying at one of the Disney hotels where you have magic bands-is it advisable to not wear one of them with an ICD?Any comments appreciated.



by Tracey_E - 2019-02-11 11:56:55

I'm an annual passholder so have had more than a few trips to Disney since I've been paced (1994).

Magic bands are perfectly fine. 

We need to avoid magnetic brakes. At Disney that's Rockin Roller Coaster and Slinky Dog. Also in the area, stay off of Hulk at Universal and Manta at Seaworld. 

Bumpy rides like Big Thunder Mountain may set off his rate response, if he even uses it. It's harmless but feels weird if we aren't expecting it. The bumps confuse the pacer and make it think we are working out so it raises our rate for us.  

I haven't done Tower of Terror because I don't like falling, but it's safe. I also do 7 Dwarfs, Everest, Test Track, the new Flight of Passage in Avatar (Best Ride EVER!!), Mission Space.  Mission Space and Test Track both have a lot of centrifugal force, so depending on his overall health that may or may not be a good idea. 

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