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Last week I got a surprise pacemaker. It is a St. Jude 2272 dual chamber rate-modulated version. They sent me home with a Merlin@home EX1150. I don't have a landline and can't shell out the $500 for the broadband kit. I have a free VOIP line though Gogle Voice using and Obihai OBI200 VOIP adapter that costs about $65. The Merlin would always fail to connect but I figured out the right settings so it would successfully send the data. 

In the Star codes for the OBI200 you need to add two new codes. This is assuming that the Merlin is dialing these two numbers: (800) 460-6625 & (800) 718-5390. (You can check your call log after a failed call to verify that these are the same numbers your device is caling, otherwise replace the numbers in the Star codes accordingly). 

Mine are set under codes 38 and 39, you unckeck the Default checkbox and paste these into the two codes: 



What this does is intercept the 800 number when it is being dialed, then it changes the settings to Jitter:200, Disable the echo canceller, and only use CODECs G711u and G711a, then it dials the number. After the call it resets everything back to where it was before the call. 

I hope someone finds this useful!



by dwelch - 2019-02-12 00:35:16

I dont have a merlin but have been wanting to know how to get through with a modem for a while now.  thanks for figuring this out and thanks for posting it here this should be very useful.

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by rgjerde - 2019-02-12 13:54:45

Thanks, I have my first appointment with my cardiologist today. I will ask about that. 

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