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I've had my pm since 2009. I only use it early mornings when my heart takes long pauses ..lately I've been wakmg up 230 330 am with my heart racing ( not sure if pacer is slowing down at that point)  This is happening more and more now.  Does anyone else experience this issue?  My last pacer check was in the summer . They said I have another 5 yrs of battery left.  I'm wondering if its either slowing my racing heart or perhaps malfunctioning?

I did have a sleep study but they didnt find any issues.  


I agree

by Theknotguy - 2019-02-13 19:11:43

I agree with Robin.  Based upon your description of waking up with a racing heart it is indicative of some kind of form of sleep apnea.  Whether it is central, Obstructive, or some other kind of sleep apnea remains to be seen.  

Prior to me being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I'd be sleeping, run out of air, and would be straining so hard to breathe that it would kick my heart rate into overdrive.  Usually I'd have a bad dream that went along with it too because my brain was screaming for oxygen.  And I would wake up with a racing heart.  

Now that I have a CPAP, I no longer have the racing heart problem.  

Haven't heard of a pacemaker going bad and causing a racing heart. 

Check it out

by Gotrhythm - 2019-02-14 14:01:26

I think it's time for a consultation with your EP. You say you have had a sleep study. When? Before or after this racing heart at night started? If before, maybe another one is in order.

Another possibility is that your arrythmia condition has changed. You made have added a new arrythmia. That happens sometimes and the settings of your pacemaker may need adjusting.

Regardless, something is different, and should be checked out.


by Gotrhythm - 2019-02-15 13:41:08

After re-reading your post, I wanted to clear up one point. You said, "I'm wondering if it's [the pacemaker] either slowing my racing heart or malfunctiong."

Pacemakers do not slow the heart down. They can't. All a pacemaker can do is accelerate. They only work for hearts that are beating too slow. (A heart that is pausing for seconds at a time is beating way too alow.) They don't work for hearts that are beating too fast, i.e. "racing." A pacemaker won't (can't) do anything about a heart that's racing.

There are some conditions under which a pacemaker can cause a heart to beat too fast, but they very rare rare. If your heart is racing it is most likely doing it separate from the pacemaker.

The final takeaway? You need to get this checked out. Extended periods of tachycardia are bad for the heart.


by ancasterguy - 2019-02-15 17:41:04

There is an upper limit on mine because I explained to the doctor that I was a runner and he said he would set an upper limit higher than normal . Also when they test it annually they pace up my heart rate and slow it down.  I'll have to ask next visit about the racing HR.

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