Has anyone had what feels like constant PVCs? My pacemaker was adjusted like 3 weeks ago and i have been having palpitations what feels like PVCs ever since...constantly!!! I have been having trouble sleeping too!! Because ill fall asleep and it wakes me up! I went back to the doctor and he wouldnt listen too me! I dont know what to do!



by emt500april - 2007-11-06 04:11:33

I am looking for a new doctor at this time. I am paced in atrial. Single lead, medtronic. I have had it since feb. this year. I am working, and good thing i have some down time and things are slow right now. Because its been a rough 3wks.


by Bigtex1622 - 2007-11-06 06:11:05

My doctor, while with the Medtronic's tech in the room. Told me that I had only paced about 35 times in the past 2 months, and that the shocks I am feeling must be something else. Then while in the hospital (for Pneumonia) I had another tech, this time not from Medtronic, tell me that what I am feeling is my pacemaker going off. The problem is we have a small device in our chest, which is monitoring and helping our heart keep pace. The little bit of memory this device has, cannot keep every pace that it makes. So it just keeps the ones that it thinks are important. Like if it has to go off for more than 5-10 seconds. So yes, you are probably feeling the pacemaker working, your doctor sounds like mine. He is more worried about keeping Medtronic happy than us. He made me feel like a fool going in and asking what is wrong. Then telling me it is in my head. Good luck and let me know what happens.


by tcrabtree85 - 2007-11-06 12:11:07

If your doctor is not listening to you I suggest finding a different doctor. they can put you on a holtor monitor to see if you really are having constant PVCs.
I also was wondering where you are paced. I recall that you are pretty knew to having a pacer maybe i'm wrong. I know for me when I was being paced in my ventricles it caused me to have more PVCs. They may need to do some fine tuning for you.
I wish you luck April and hopefully soon you will be able to get the needed rest that you need. Are you back to working? Please try to get rest when you can.
Take care of yourself! Let us know what happens.


Those darn premature beats!

by The Bunny - 2007-11-07 02:11:13

After I rec'd my PM in June 1999, I too struggled with PVCs a lot. They are very scary if you don't know what they are. My heart actually felt like it flipped over! They adjusted, readjusted my PM, put me on a Holter Monitor and told me to watch my diet. Sugars, Caffience, Chocolate, Alcohol, Lack of Sleep can all trigger PVCs. I started taking real good care of myself and with the adjustments I only feel them very rarely. When I go in for my check, I still am having a lot of them, which is common, according to my dr. In fact, most people have them and don't even know it.

It sounds like they need to make an adjustment again on your PM or do the Holter. I hope they start listening and acting...just tell them what you want to have done. Wishing you results...soon!

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