I'm so confused.

Just had an echo cardiogram done today, during which the tech asked if I had been told I had afib. Which was one thing I didn't have. Test was done and I was asked to have a seat. Few moments later a cardiologist came to speak to me. The Dr told me that my atrium is not pumping correctly and at times- not at all. That my heart, my history and this is very complicated but get was going to call my Drs and I'd hopefully hear from them tomorrow or Monday. But now I'm a wreck ..

Is this possible with pacemaker in? He believes most likely this is why I've been so tired and not right with the adjustments to my pm..

Any advice any similar issues???


Afib and pacemakers

by AgentX86 - 2019-02-14 20:25:43

Sure it's possible. But don't panic. Not all is lost. I'm in flutter 100% of the time and have absolutely no atrial function (actually negative function). As long as your ventricles are in good shape you don't even need the atrial "kick".

Remember, your pacemaker is just "an accelerator". It's not a break, so can't stop afib. You'll undoubtedly have to take a beta blocker and certainly an anticoagulant. Take these religiously. If you have trouble with the beta blocker,  take it anyway until you EP can find something that you can stand. Afib won't kill you but cardiomyopathy or a stroke can. ...or worse.

That said, there are many things they can do to help with Afib, from antiarrhythmic drugs to an atrial ablation, to a mini-maze, and (where I ended up) an AV ablation.  I don't recommend antiarrhythmics for any time at all (few months, tops). They're toxic and likely won't last long and can even become pro-arrhythmic.

Get a GOOD EP. You want the best you can find. Your cardiologist is now in over his head. Also, go to to connect with many who have been down the road you're now on.


by My3sons845 - 2019-02-14 20:51:51

AgentX86 Thank you so so much! At least from preventing an anxiety attack tonight.

I'm on metpropol  50 mg but they need to increase it for my SVTs but my blood pressure is very low and any increase will worsen that. So they will not take that chance. I agree as it's low and I'm freezing all the time.

I've had 8 ablations prior to PM. Recent talk was ablating my AV RVnode possibly in future..

Is this something you think the   will call me about tomorrow? As the cardiologist at the hospital seemed concerned and said it's very complicated ..

Thank you again!!


by AgentX86 - 2019-02-14 22:42:30

You had eight ablations and are surprised that you're in Afib?  You certainly have me beat (three failed ablations for atypical flutter, caused by a Cox Maze procedure gone bad).

Your situation certainly isn't what I thought it was when I first answered but you're just further down the road than I was expecting.  I wouldn't listen to anything the ER cardiologist has to say.  I have a very bad track record with them (the ones I've run into can't even read an EKG).  You really do need an electrophysiologist - the best you can find. 

What's complicated?  An AV node ablation?  No, it's really fairly simple.  Mine took about an hour with only local anesthetic (shoulder for the PM implant and groin for the catheter).  I'm not saying that's what you need.  You need an really good electrophysiologist to figure out where to go.

Did I mention that you need a really good electrophysiologist?



by My3sons845 - 2019-02-15 02:13:15

AgentX86 Yes, I guess I should've gave more background. The cardiologist who read my echo and EKG today- because they were abnormal said that what he sees is complicated. That I do need a good EP.. 

That basically that's why most likely I've been not feeling right and having pm adjustments. 

I think he couldn't say much more other than he was contacting my cardiologist about the recordings he has and they'll have to talk to me.

You've had quite a road too..

I'll be calling my Dr today as I'm not waiting the weekend to see what was seen if anything else.

Thank you for being one of only ones who understands this ..

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