how remote interrogations are reviwed and reports to patients

I would be very interested in hearing how the remote interrogation reports are handled by your EP clinic. Are the reports screened and then sent to EP doc. Does EP doc see reports at all or is the scrednig the end of process. Do you have access to copies of reports with or without interpretations.

My PM clinic receives the the printout and a techncain reviews them and after EP Doc review AND sign off it becomes abailable on the paitents portal, often several months later. 


rremote interrogation

by fox30 - 2019-02-15 14:01:13

While the EP doc may have the best skill,judgment and work ethic (I think mine does)the weakest chain in link is often the office personel.Up until this most recent transmission ( which do seem to get to the Medtronic mother ship and promply to the local PM clinic I could talk to the clinic tech (I have no idea what their training is) but now a phone answerer field the call, check with tech and then calls back and says things are ok and sets up the date for the next remote transmission. Previously i could get info from the tech ( battery voltage,estimated life of battery,if any atrial events were recorded, etc) now nothing. Phone person said well when Dr. signs off it will be on patient portal.The only time that actually happened was three months after remote .Have had over 12 remotes so far. 

Remote Interogation ....

by MartyP - 2019-02-15 18:54:18

Since my EP is only 15 miles from home, I go to the office every 3 months as I want to see the EP face-to-face.   If I do need to send in a transmission, I did one last week when I was under the weather, I use the Medtronic Home link that relays it to my phone and ten to Medtronic and then to my doctors office.  I then call the office, tell them why I sent in a transmission and they usually call me back within 1/2 hour with the results - so I'm happy with how it works for me.  May 2019 will be two years since Sparky arrived.  I'm 75 .......

Patient Rights to Mecial Information

by KonaLawrence - 2019-02-16 01:46:33

EVERY medical person in the US is required by the Federal HIPA laws to provide Patient Health Information (PHI) to the patient upon request.  NOT when they get around to it.  In the case of Kaiser, my providser, my Carelink reports are received from Medtronics in 1-2 days and a copy provided to me in another 1-2 days.  Many clinics are less efficient, but Medtronics sends out Carelink reports electronically (email) so it gets to your doc almost immediately.  If you show up at their office, the receptionist/nurse/etc is required to make a copy and give it to you right then!  

Of course, many docs don't like their patients to have detailed information so they drag their feet.  Here's the government website about the HIPA rules

It may help to print it out and give it to the doctor's receptionist/nurse/etc.

Good Luck, Lawrence

Pm Interrogation

by fox30 - 2019-02-16 09:31:27

Tt hanks Lawrence,

That is very good information. The Doc office does comply with HIPPA as I contact his asssitance who prints out the PM and the tryped report of the tech. My problem is the  EP doc takes monhs ( if ever) to sign off on them and then post it to the patient portal.

My worry is that a "high level" review (ie by the doc) is greatly delayed or never read.

Early with my His Bundle pacing I had 8 episods interpreted by the Medtronic on board algorhythm as AT?AF. 3 months later at the in office check up a medtronic tech said you did not have AF but oversensing of tlhe atrial lead which he corrected but three months late.This instance of the issue being above the tehc's skill or knowledge level and no prompt oversight by the EP doc.

Timely Test Results Review by Doc

by KonaLawrence - 2019-02-17 01:00:43

Hello Again Fox30,

It sounds like your doc is taking way too long to review and notify you of test results.  Whether it's an xray, echocardiagram. blood test or PM Interrogation, your doc should review and notify of results/diagnosis within a few days.  I think a few days is reasonable.  For me, Kaiser HMO (100s of docs) guarantees 48 hour response on any test or an email from me!   Anything longer than a few days, like "months" is unacceptable.  You should consider changing to a new doc.

Having said all that, most EPs and Cardiologists really don't know a lot about the complexities of PM software.  I've had good luck pushing to get an experienced Medtronics Tech, not whoever is available.  It is difficult because they don't want to tell you who has 10 years versus 10 days experience.  They all go to Medtronics "University", but experience makes a big difference.  If there is a specific tech you trust, schedule your Interrogation appointments to fit his schedule.

Just my opinion.

Good Luck, Lawrence

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