New Pacemaker for Second Degree Heart Block - Type II

Hello:  Just to introduce myself.  I'm aged 62, and I had a pacemaker installed 2 days ago for a Heart Block which had caused dizziness for a number of years.  I live in Cheshire in the UK.  Have been reading posts on here for a couple of weeks to get me into the flow of my new life with a pacemaker.  I am very optimistic that this is the new me and want to feel positive about it. I go back to the hospital (Wythenshawe) in 3 weeks for a pacemaker check.  Had a pretty poor night last night as I felt like my heart was thumping away. Not sure if its all the medication for the procedure which they gave me (sedation, antibiotic, Fentanyl etc), or if it is the pacemaker getting used to me. I hope this will dissapear in time.  Anyway, happy to be here at "The Club".


Not sure what they do in UK

by Theknotguy - 2019-02-16 07:18:59

Not sure what they do in UK but in US they put the voltage a little higher when the pacemaker is first implanted.  Then lower it about 30 days in.  I'm one of the really rare people who can feel the electrical impulse.  Right after my pacemaker was implanted I'd feel the tickle of the pacemaker going off followed by the hard thump of the initial part of my heartbeat.  It would sometimes wake me up at night.  At/about 30 days in they lowered the voltage, no big deal, as the tech said, "We're lowering the voltage." No thumps, bumps, or anything else.  Now I'm only bothered if the ventricle side kicks in which, for me, is rare.  So that may be what you are feeling.  

Your attitude is great.  No whinging about how bad your life is....  So that means the adjustment should go well.  Now you can start looking out for all the things they forgot to tell you about having a pacemaker.  Mine is sensitive to vibration.  So if I'm riding in what you call a lorry over a bumpy road the extra vibration from the thing bouncing around kicks up my heart rate because it thinks I'm running.  There I am, riding down the road (I know, in the US it's the wrong side.), being bounced all over the place while holding onto my pacemaker so it doesn't kick up my heart rate.  No one told me that would happen!  Ah well.  My other option is not being alive so I know it's complain, complain, complain.  Never satisfied.  

Hope everything else goes well for you.  

Mobitz Type II

by NiceNiecey - 2019-02-17 05:18:06

Is that what you meant? Type II? I haven’t heard of Mobitz Type 11. LOL!

Heart Block

by hopping hare - 2019-03-06 20:14:41

Hi I had a Boston Scientific CRT-P PM fitted in March last year as I also had heart Block & heart was beating out of sync. First few days it felt very peculiar & very uncomfortable &  felt like I had a foreign body protruding under my skin. After a few weeks you soon get used to it &after 6 weeks was back to my normal fitness levels although didn't resume playing golf &  badminton untill about 10 weeks as I didnt want to dislodge any leads . My PM works most of the time to synchronize the chambers & after my 1st check up they tweeted the settings &  now i don' even notice I have a PM & now feel very reassured that my PM is looking after me. Good Luck & hope all goes well for you. Graham 

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