25 year old recovering from Medtronic Azure dual chamber ppm insertion for junctional rhythm. Sharing my journey.

Hi everyone! I'm a cardiothoracic critcal care nurse, I like to call myself recently nurse turned patient. I am 25 years old. Over the past year I have had some road bumps. I had arthoscopic hip surgery leading to a DVT/Bilateral PE's. Sometime after I developed junctional rhythm. Had an episode of pulmnonary edema leading to respiratory failure. I had Medtronic Azure dual chamber pacemaker inserted sub-pectoral on 02/05/2019 with a loop recorder removal. Previously I had a loop recorder inserted in December 2015, being diaganosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia. In July 2016 I had an abaltion, SA node modification. I am currently post op day 12 and doing really well. The first week was very rough, the sub-pectroal approach caused some pain but I am healing very well and so happy with incision. I would love to share my journey with everyone. I also have a website I will be posting more detail on following my journey, life, etc. https://nurse-katie.com/


I do have one concern, developing a clot. I have a clotting disorder called prothrombin gene mutation (my body favors clotting) and considering i have the DVT/PE history it scares me. That event was consdiered a provoked event due to the hip surgery so I am only on Asprin 81mg at the moment. Having an artifical device inside of me now worries me for a potential clot. 


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I am just now 40 but have had these blackouts all my life. I am thrilled with the pacer and would do it all over again.