Pacemaker insertion with clotting disorder

Hello, new member here. I made a post sharing a little of my story but I was wondering if there is anyone else on here who has recieved a ppm with a clotting disorder that promotes clotting? I have something called prothrombin gene mutation. In March 2018 I had arthoscopic hip surgery. April 2018 I was diagnosed with a DVT/bilateral PE's. I completed a 3 month course of Eliquis and transitioned to Asprin 81mg. I did not have to stay on lifelong anticoagulation as my DVT/PE was considered a provoked event from my hip surgery. My father has prothrombin gene mutation as well and developed a DVT after recieving a PICC line. I told my EP about this and my fear of developing a clot. He told me in the beginning the risks of bleeding outweighed the benefits but I could start anticoagulation as a preventative. I recieved Medtronic Azure dual chamber ppm on 02/05/2019. 

What scares me the most is when I had the DVT/PE I was lucky we found it. I had a sub-massive PE yet not many symptoms due to being young & my body being able to compensate. My only symptom was shortness of breath/tachycardia upon going up stairs. My leg with the DVT was not even red or swollen. They wanted to discharge me from the hospital because they thought nothing was wrong. Thank goodness they called my EP doctor for a reccommendation who said something sounded off & suggested a CT angio, revealing my bilateral PE's .

I would love to hear from other people & their stories pertaining to development of a clot after ppm insertion especially with a clotting disorder.

More detail to my journey can be found here:


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