PVC's - How Many is too Many?

I'm eight weeks post implant for complete heart block. HIS bundle lead 100% paced. One month device check had 35,000 PVC's. Went in for a check at two months and had over 300,000 in one month. Had the check because I was having a feeling of tightness at the base of my neck-don't know if there is a correlation. No one seemed alarmed at the number. I'm feeling a little unsure about the whole thing. I understand that everyone has PVC's but that seems like a big jump. Anyone experience this?



by AgentX86 - 2019-02-18 08:22:50

300K/month is something like a 10% burden. I'd think someone would start to get concerned about your PVCs. Maybe they are but want to see if it's an anomaly. As far as the correlation between PVCs and the tightness in your neck,  who knows. Arrhythmias have so many symptoms, and each one of us is different that it's impossible to say. I know a 10% PVC burden would drive me crazy. I get bigeminy for an hour or so, maybe the nights week and that's more than enough for me. My EP tells me to live with it, unless it gets a lot worse.

PVC's I don't like them either !!

by MartyP - 2019-02-18 10:07:06

Right after my PM in May 2017 I started getting PVC's (never had them before the PM) and at the beginning, maybe 5 or 10 a minute until they stopped.  From many of the other posts, I also stopped drinking caffenated coffee, cut out as much sugar as I could, reduced chocolates, and never did drink much alcohol (maybe a beer once in a while with pizza).

What I did do was start to take a Magnesium + Taurate pill each day, and while I can't be sure if there is a correlation, I don't get many any more - just once in a while, and I still don't like them.  Perhaps ask your EP or search our site for more comments.  I get them from Amazon - here's the link.


If it helps, let us know.



by Suzypoozy - 2019-02-18 11:07:56

How do you know when it happens? What are your symptoms? I don’t really feel anything different. I will check out the supplement. Thanks 


by Dave H - 2019-02-18 13:53:07

Docs I see usually say things like this: "Do they bother you? - If not, then ignore them. If bothersome, we'll check and see what percentage of your PVC's add up to.  We can find the spot and ablate that area." 

Feels like a skipped beat, a palpitation, a sensation in your throat – but it’s actually an early beat.

by MartyP - 2019-02-18 13:53:27

PVC’s feel funny.

If you want to see what they look like, you can download an APP on your smart phone and see them.  I have two APPS on my phone, Heart Rate Plus and Heart Rate Monitor you can download them from the Play Store.

I wrote this a while back ...

PVC’s - Premature Ventricular Contractions - wow, no one told me about these. For me they felt like my heart was pounding and if I check my pulse it feels like a skipped beat, but it’s actually a PVC. I remember “Tom” saying that he had them for ten years and his doctor said “they won’t kill you”, but for a newbie they are uncomfortable and scary. For me, before I knew what they were, I thought something was very wrong and at 1:00 AM my wife took me to the emergency room - 5 hours later, nothing found. ------ So the lesson learned … Either before or after your PM, talk to your doctor and ask lots of questions about what you could / should expect and what you may feel … your heart won’t stop, but it will be different”.  What I think I found a little later on, at least for me, when I’m not doing much and my heart rate gets into the high 50’s or low 60’s; again my lower rate is set to 55) I tend to get more PVC’s sometime 2 a minutes - they are scary until you know what they are. I do take Magnesium with Taurate and while I can’t be sure, I think they keep the PVC’s in check for me.  Usually none, once in a while perhaps 1 a minute at most.


What a feeling!

by AgentX86 - 2019-02-18 23:06:28

The first thing I notice when I start the PVCs is a feeling of panic and shortness of breath, rather like getting a good snootful of CO2 (stick your nose in a half full cup of just-poured fountain soda).  I'll then feel the bigeminy (heavy heartbeat followed by a light one, heavy, light, etc.).  That'll last for an hour or so, then they just sorta go away.  This only happens when I'm still and if I get up and move, they'll go away until I stop and relax again.  It generally happens when we're watching TV after dinner.

To try fo "fix" the PVCs, my EP had my pacemaker cranked up to 80bpm, during the day.   I think it helped some because I was getting the bigeminy every night and now it's pretty much just a few nights a week.  I don't like the higher heartbeat but it's not as bad as the PVCs.


by Dave H - 2019-02-19 13:35:45

I did a BP check yesterday evening. I kinda felt OK. BP device read 102/64 pulse of 42.  Bigeminy PVC's at play here except for one thing.  In the past, with my finger on a carotid artery, I could feel the "weak" PVC beat in between the main beats.  Not this time!  Even my "sensitive"  finger could not detect any beat between the main beats!  Spooky!! 

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