Hi, havent been here for quite a long time. I am 63, had a Medtronic for 9 years and got a replacement of St.Jude 2 years ago. There is one thing which bothers me:

After the new pm I have been sort of tired and my activity has clearly decreased. Have been in the gym every now and then but it does not feel good and visits are very rare now.

I wonder could the reason for tiredness be that the limit for the HR was set to 50 in operation instead of earlier 55?

When I noticed in annual check that the frequency limit of pm had been lowered I asked the doctor to adjust it back to 55 but the answer was that there is no need to readjust anything.

Otherwise I have been doing well. I am still working but I could retire any time I want.

The original diagnose in 2008 was sick sinus syndrome & paroxysmal attrial fibrillation.


ask for a second opinion or help from a pm technician

by JoanneMT - 2019-02-20 14:37:20

I received my Pm the end of October last year.  The settings are still not perfect (due to underlying problems), but my ep and the pm technician make no problem in changing the settings, in a the search for the best one.  i even went from a sporty ferrarri to a slow Lada setting (no success but we learned something from that).  Sometimes it is hard to percevere but when not feeling wel. But we owe it to ourselves.  

Second opinion

by sunhill - 2019-02-20 18:22:53

Hi, will have a second opinion on settings soon. I have understood that in our system there is only one hospital where the adjustments can be done. They are keeping track on every person living around their area and the hospital invites patients to annual check. F.ex, if I go to other hospital they dont make any adjustments. Need to check if this really is so.

Option to choose

by sunhill - 2019-02-21 19:54:53

Ok. Practices differ, sure. BTW, there is huge reorganisation of the healt care system under way at the moment in Finland. The ultimate goal would be that every person could choose where he/she wants to be treated. However, it looks that the current covernment cant solve that problem. Neither could the previous one. 

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