Just my $0.02 worth of info: Before becoming a PM dependent, A-V node ablated dude, I had this experience: First 3 atrial ablations - by TCAI -  failed. 4th try in June 2011 appeared sucessful.  7 months later, I developed a NSR 125 bpm heart rate. Contacting my EP @ TCAI resulted in a return phone call by his nurse asking, "How do you feel?"  I felt OK, but I knew things weren't right. EP and his companion Doc from St. David's Healthcare made no real effort to treat my tachy condition for nearly 4 months.  Early May 2012, big time A-Fib event erupted, and I went for the A-V Node ablation. Every cardiologist/heart failure Doc. I've visited since that time have stated basically the same thing: "You know, that TCAI EP who ignored your condition is the major cause of you developing heart failure.  It's known as Tachycardia Induced Cardiomypathy. It's completely treatable when caught early."  

Just sayin'



Uh oh!

by AgentX86 - 2019-02-22 15:34:26

As soon as I read the 125bpm part, I thought uh oh, here comes TIC!  Leaving you in tachycardia for four months is gross malpractice. It doesn't matter how good you were feeling. I hope you're doing better.

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