Plastic left inside?

Hi, I had a pm fitted 4 weeks ago. I’ve been aware of two little bumps - one on the scar and one about 2cm along from the end of the scar. Until today I’d been a little squeamish about exploring them.

If I move the skin around the further-out bump it stays static, it looks pointy and thin, poking it moves the scar. The bump on the scar is similar.

They feel like thin plastic (about 1mm diameter) rods. They are very close to the surface, like they could rupture through.

I have an appointment at the hospital soon for the standard check, but I’m freaking out a bit about what’s in there, and requiring further surgery.

Anyone know what this could be?

Thanks, Dan


4 weeks?

by AgentX86 - 2019-02-23 22:53:19

That's too soon to draw any conclusions about your scar.  It'll change a lot over the next few months.  Don't play with it.  It's not a toy.

That said, mine is clearly visible under the skin and the leads are quite visible, as well (sorta look and feel like what you describe).  I asked my EP about it and he said that since I'd lost some weight, it was showing more.  Well, I haven't lost that much weight since the surgery (maybe 15-20 lbs). Anyway, he just said that it was fine.  Leave it alone.

Bumps & lumps

by donr - 2019-02-24 01:41:12

The leads go into the vein througha plastic gizmo that hollds them in place at the point of entry into the vein.  They have to be immobilized weith respaect to the vein to allow it to seal iraself off at that point.  have you not wondered why there is no leakage around the leads?  Also they cannot just wrap a suture around the vein & tie it tight - the leads have to be smaller in diameter than the inside of the vein or it will not let blood flow.  Besides, a suture wrapped around the vein would probablymake it rot at that point.  IIRC, the plastic gizzy is sutured to the vein to fix it in placxe & the leads are then either sutured to the plastic or it grips them tightly.  Google the question & there should be a drawing if the plastic thing.  I went to th eMedtronic site & read abotr itt.  The fplder of inplant instructiions packed w/ every set of leads addresses this subject explicitly & warns cardios about being careful yo CORREECTLY use the plastic thingy..


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