Erratic, higher blood pressure, but pulse always 60

53 year old male, ICD 2.5 years ago

My pulse after ICD has been a constant 60 most of the time (resting) and goes up to 120-130, when I jog/run, which I believe, is normal

However, my BP has been varied from 125/79 to 147/89 (today) over the last few months - I do metoprolol tartate, 25mg BD, and plavix

Will check with my PCP this week, but wanted to get your thoughts also. 

Thanks in advance.


Blood Pressure

by Pastorm - 2019-02-25 21:25:09

Dear Jimbeam, Blood pressure fluctuates! No need to panic, your numbers are not astronomical! Worry will only make it go higher, I know! I am a White Coater! I have to relax and take My BP every morning! When I go to My EP or Cardiologist, My number is always high! I always take My chart with Me! I have even video taped Me taking My Pressure to show them My true reading! That being said, Everything from the Weather and stress can give you a false High reading. Why not drink lots of Water before taking your Pressure? It will cause the number to drop drastically! The only time to worry is when your numbers are consistently High! If your numbers don't drop or go up or down, then check with your Doctor! The best way to take your Pressure is to take it three times and watch the numbers! The llowest number is your true BP!   Blessings to You,   Pastor Mike

Thanks much

by jimbeam - 2019-02-26 21:44:28

Yes, thanks much for your response - appreciate it!

I will record consistently and evaluate 

As a science guy, I was suspicious that my pulse was ALWAYS 60 and pulse and BP are opposing forces - I.e if pulse is constant, BP will vary and vice versa - I was used to the latter and thought that my ICD may be mis programmed/defective...

Will run it by my cardiologist anyways

Thanks again

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