In addition to having a pacemaker, I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.  I recently was upgraded to a newer CPAP.  The straps for the nose mask have magnetic clips on either side.  The magnets attach the straps and sit about 1/2 way between the bottom of my jawbone and my ears.  The CPAP tech had literature saying that the magnets should not interfere with a pacemaker.  The magnets are small, and I am inclined to believe they are not a problem, but I wanted to see what people on this forum think.  I appreciate any thoughts you might have.  thanks!  -Matt


Let's talk magnets!

by donr - 2019-02-25 22:18:59

 They are most likely Neodinium super magnets.  They are quite powerful- BUT when they are attached to the mask, the steel (or whatever) on the mask acts as a "keeper."  A keper is placed on an unused magnet to "Grab" all of the "Flux" of the magnet & insure it keeps its strength while unused.  here's what you do to verify what I have said.  First get a paperclip or some other piece of steel. Put it nect to the magnet (which I assume is on the strap) and let it get captured.  Take it off, noting how thghtly it is held.  Then attach the magnet to the mask and repeat the exercise, with the paperclip on the side of the magnet away from the mask.  Noice how much weaker the magnet's strength is now.    You should be safe fro that.  besides, the magnets ar more than 6 inches fro your PM when the mask is on your face.  Or at least it should be.

let me know how it all works out.  I performed this same experiment w/ a name tag & magnets & noticed that with the keeper bar on the magnet, it would not even pick up the paperclip from the table.








by Theknotguy - 2019-02-26 00:34:39

I volunteer at a charity woodshop.  Was drilling Kreg Jig pocket screw holes.  Had to do about 200 boards with three holes each.  Was using a fairly large DeWalt 100 volt power drill.  After about the first 50 or so, got tired of using my arms and started using my shoulder to push the drill bit in.   Completely forgot about my pacemaker.  After about 100 holes I remembered I was using my shoulder and my pacemaker way lying on top of a running drill.  "Shouldn't be doing that!", I thought.  No problems with my pacemaker.  Zip, zero, nada, nothing.  

So the magnets in your CPAP mask are too far away and too weak to bother your pacemaker.  Nothing to worry about.  I hope you can use the mask with the magnets.  I have to use the clips on my mask and I have it real tight.  Once I found out I could get air I want that mask as tight as I could get it.  

Hope your adjustment to your pacemaker goes well.  

Oh, and I don't recommend using your shoulder that has a pacemaker to push in a running drill.  

Pacemaker tech said check the gauss level of the magnet.  He thought it was somewhere around level 7 which is a fairly strong magnet.  Much more than what you would get with your CPAP mask clips.  


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