Itching like crazy

I'm 22 years old and I had my first pacemaker implanted on december 18, I've had no complications from the surgery. Once the scar had formed I started using Mederma products on it. Mederma advanced during the day and Mederma PM at night. I should also mention I had a loop recorder implanted before and it was removed during the pm surgery so I've got the one scar between my collar bone, breast and shoulder for the pm and one between my sternum and my breast from where the recorder was removed. 

Both these scars have been healing nicely. The pm scar was begining to develop into a keloid but thank god it has been regressing into a nice and flat scar. My only problem now is that both of these scars will, on occasion, itch like crazy. I don't have dry skin, it can be a little sensitive but mostly in the bruises-like-a-peach kind of way. I'll try not to scratch because it will get red and bruise a little but sometimes it's just impossible not to. 

My scar from when I had the loop recorder implanted didn't itch this much before. Can someone tell me if they've had similar issues with their scars? They started itching around 7 weeks ago and it's still going on.

Thank you.


Me too

by El Gordo - 2019-02-26 07:18:30



Mine does too. It's the most intense itch I've had. The worst part is that I can't scratch effectively because I have no feeling in spots, and don't want to damage myself.

At least it's in a decent spot.

I feel your, um, itch!

by AgentX86 - 2019-02-26 08:34:18

After my bypass surgery, my whole chest itches and like Gordo, I had no sense of touching on the left side, from the sternotomy scar to my nipple (but was it sensitive!). It itches so intensely that I just couldn't stop scratching. One morning I woke up and looked like I'd slept with a badger with a bad attitude. At least the pain replaced the itching for a few days.

Yes, I had the same itching with my PM scar, too. It's been over four years since my CABG and a year since the PM implant and but still itch at times. Chalk to up to "sh!t happens", or as all cardiologists, cardiac nurses,  and PM techs answer (no matter what the question), "That's normal.".  ;-)


Me too!!

by Queen50 - 2019-02-26 16:35:44

I too, itch but I was told not to put anything on the scar. My ep says small amounts of the cream seep into the pocket and builds up over time. Apparently it is not very pleasant if that water gets infected. I was told to put any cream, if I have to, on either side of the scar. 

Thank you!

by call_me_gigi - 2019-02-27 01:57:35

Thank you so much for the comments and reccomendations. My EP was the one who told me to use the creams to help reduce the size of the scars, though I'll try it out without them and see if they are the cause for the itchiness. I'll also apply some vaseline cream to the sides, I know that dry skin could definitely cause it to itch as well. 

As for the actual scratching I'll try using the pads of my fingers, since I've been using my nails, and even though they're pretty short I can start to notice some damage to my skin. It can get so frustrating sometimes. As for the benadryl spray, where could I buy it? I live in Costa Rica and we don't have any of that here but I could get my mom to bring me some since she's flying back soon.

I'm really hoping and praying that this uncomfortable sensation will stop as soon as the healing process is complete, but I'll prepare myself if it's not the case.

omg the itching

by Uelrindru - 2019-02-27 16:23:19

After my ICD scar started healing it itched like crazy, it doesnt last and I would compare it to when I broke my wrist, best to ignore it as best you can and hope it goes away. Sometimes moving the shoulder will help.

Good luck

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