Ripping sensation/pain


i had a S-ICD places 10 days ago. It’s been healing lovely and I was finally stopping having pain. However yesterday evening and now today, I get a small painful tearing sensation about an inch from my wound site on the front. This is only if I move my boob or stand up too quickly. It doesn’t linger but I’m worried about it as I haven’t had the pain before. I have my first check up in 2.5 weeks. Could this pain be the wires embedding themselves or have the wires moved and it’s causing pain now? Please help a worried gal out! 


me too

by Uelrindru - 2019-02-27 16:18:49

I had terrible aches in my shoulder after my ICD was in about a month of two and the occasional sharp twinge near the incision. they went away in about a week and never came back. Fun fact now I can pop my collar bone right under the ICD and I feel it move, it is unpleasant but doesnt hurt.

As always tell your Cardio doc and heal up, also enjoy being bionic ;)

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