Scab on icd scar 2 years after surgery

I had my icd put in in 2016. The scar healed quickly. I rarely even think about it being there because it's under the muscle. But today I noticed a scab on my scar. I didn't hurt myself in any way to cause it. Of course Google says skin cancer. So I'm keeping an eye on it and if it doesn't heal fast I'll go to a dermatologist. But after lurking here for years I figured I'd ask here about it. Has anyone experienced anything similar?



by Tracey_E - 2019-02-28 19:55:37

That doesn't sound good. Hopefully it's nothing but I would want it looked at asap to rule out infection. And by rule out infection, I mean cultures, not someone take a quick look at it. If it's an infection, it needs to be dealt with quickly and aggressively because infection can work its way down the leads into the heart. In the time they can send you home to wait and see, in the time they can put you on a random general antibiotic without testing to see if it's the right one, an infection can get bad enough that the whole thing has to come out then when the infection clears they put it back on the other side. I don't mean to alarm you, and hopefully it's not an infection, but on the small chance it is, it's crucial to be proactive because the stakes are high. 


by CatLadyInFL - 2019-03-01 14:53:15

Thank you for the responses. It did not even cross my mind that it could be an infection. Unfortunately I can't get off work until Wednesday (new job) so if my doctor can't see me then I'll go to the ER. I recently moved so I don't have a new Cardiologist yet so I'm guessing the primary doc would send me to the ER anyway. 

on call doc told me what you guys did

by CatLadyInFL - 2019-03-01 15:17:03

I talked to an on call doctor through my insurance. I wouldn't have taken it this seriously without your responses. He said if I get a fever or the area gets warm ER immediately. Otherwise I can go Wednesday.

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